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The Naked Capitalist

The Naked Capitalist


In "The Naked Capitalist", Dr. Skousen reviews the book "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley. It reveals how some of the richest people in the world have supported communism and socialism. Why would they support what appears to be the pathway to their own destruction? Dr. Quigley has been associated with many of these dynastic families of the super-rich. Dr. Skousen therefore writes as an authority on the world's secret power structure. His answers to the above question will astonish you.

Book Reviews:

"This is one of the most profound books one can read about the direction our country has been heading in the years following the Socialist Democrat takeover of the Government and the attack on the Constitution by FDR and the liberal, progressive movement that followed him. Read this book to understand the signs that have been in print for decades and the cautionary warnings about the abuse of power and the enslavement of the American population by the stranglehold of intrusive policies and the concentration of power by the Establishment Elitists in Washington DC and the industrial complex."  Rob W.

"I have read this book 3 times... it has changed my life. I read two political/history books a month and most are misleading and avoid talking about the real issue. Consider reading "The Creature from Jeckyle Island" It is also GREAT." Sid S.

"This book explains what has happened behind the scenes in American History. It's the rest of the story. The part that was intentionally left out of the history books. If the information in this book was known by even a small percentage of Americans that would be enough to turn the tide." Mike