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Specials - The Old Testament

Learn the Old Testament!

You won't find a more exciting and informative history of the Old Testament than "The Thousand Years Series"
This 3 Volume Set includes:
1. The First 2000 Years: From Adam to Abraham
2. The Third Thousand Years: From Abraham to David
3. The Fourth Thousand Years: From David to Christ
These works are available in these formats:
Printed hardbound books and
Narration edition on Audio (CD, USB thumb drive or Downloadable)
When you order all 3 of the books OR the entire narrated version, you will receive a free USB Thumb Drive containing his 46 BYU Lectures on the Old Testament
These Lectures were recorded while Dr. Skousen taught his Old Testament classes at BYU in 1973. You will hear not only Old Testament history, but also an overview of current events in 1973.