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Illustrations from Treasures from the Book of Mormon

Illustrated Drawings from the original Treasures from the Book of Mormon workbook

When the "Treasures from the Book of Mormon" workbooks were first published, Brother Skousen had artists draw scenes from several historic events in the the Book of Mormon. You can still find these drawings in the printed, 4-volume workbooks.

For those who are listening to the Treasures from the Book of Mormon Commentary, with narrations by Wendell Noble and Brother Skousen's commentary, Brother Skousen will often mention a drawing and the page number where it can be found in the workbooks. 

We have now included each of these drawings on this website, along with the associated page numbers, for your enjoyment and interest. NOTE that the page numbers he mentions in the audios correspond to the OLD editions of the workbooks. We therefore list both the OLD and the NEW corresponding page numbers for each drawing.